4 Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

We tend to brush aside shoulder pain because it is very common. We don’t think much about this since we are more likely to experience pain as we age.

Whether momentary or recurring, early treatment for shoulder pain is important. Pain signifies that there is something wrong with your cartilage, nerves, or ligaments.

You may suffer abrupt shooting discomfort or weeks of shoulder pain. If you do experience this, more often than not, it is hard to figure out the reason.

If you do experience shoulder pain and it does not go away easily, it is ideal to visit your doctor.

However, if you intend to reduce pain while at home, here are some of the remedies you can try out:

Shoulder Exercises and Stretches

Make it your goal to keep your shoulders flexible and strong. You can do this with regular exercise.

Always do a warm-up before starting any stretching routine. Be guided with the proper position, so that you will not experience more pain.

Your form must be correct. This will help avoid worsening your shoulder problem. Begin with light shoulder rolls and slow movements.

For beginners, you may start with Pendulum stretch. This requires bending the body at the waist. And then, slowly allow your injured shoulder to hang straight down.

When doing this, you will have to keep your neck relaxed. Then, carefully move your arm in a circular motion. You may do this once or twice a day.

Another mode is the overhead shoulder stretch. You can do this either in a sitting or standing position.

Here, you have to move your hands in front and interlock your fingers. Then with your hands remaining straight, raise them up above your head.

Make sure your palm is facing upwards, and then, squeeze your shoulder blades as you stretch. You may do this more than once every day.

Cold and Heat Therapy

If your shoulders are swelling, you will need to numb the pain with an ice pack or frozen gel.

Cold compresses can help reduce the swelling but you have to avoid placing the ice directly on to the skin.

It is advisable to use a cold compression bandage in case of swollen shoulders. You just have to use a shoulder wrap and to cover snugly the injured part.

Wrap your shoulders in such a way that it will not block the flow of blood.

In the case of a stiff shoulder, what is necessary is the contrary. You will need to resort to heat therapy.

Heat allows the muscles to relax and release the tension. In doing this, you may use a heating pad, a hot bottle, or a heated gel pack.

Heat compress also works well for arthritis.


In curing your shoulder problem at home, you may take over-the-counter drugs. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen can be purchased without a prescription.

Most people opt to take pain medications because they want to get better sleep. Ideally, pain medication can efficiently ease your hurting. But it leads to heartburn or an upset stomach as side effects.

These are also known as NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. In layman’s terms, these are common pain relievers.

Muscle relaxants are necessary for muscle spasm or tension in shoulder joints.
On the contrary, relaxants require a prescription. And this comes with the caution that, you must not take the medicine if you are about to work or drive.

As a side effect, relaxants may cause drowsiness. The most popular muscle relaxants are cyclobenzaprine, baclofen, and tizanidine.

If you do not intend to drink medicines, you may resort to certain topical reliefs. Creams or gels may relieve your shoulder pain, and these may spare you from unwanted side effects.

One medication approved as topical pain medicine is diclofenac.

Shoulder Pain Prevention

To avoid these painful scenarios, you must keep a note of the methods of prevention.

Serious shoulder injuries are not manageable at home. So, be extra careful in all your endeavors.

Always consume healthy foods. Prepare a balanced diet and help your body to get the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Get enough time for sleeping. When we sleep, we are giving our bodies the chance to energize, freshen up, and heal.

This will also give your shoulder muscles ample time to rest.

Avoid smoking and other bad habits. Smoking makes healing slower because it blocks the flow of blood circulation.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and you want to get rid of it fast, then you’ll have to quit smoking.

Be careful when you exercise or play sports. Any activity that requires physical exertion may cause injuries.

You will need to improve your reflexes as well.

Lastly, do not slouch and always maintain a good posture as you sit or stand. But in case these home remedies did not work, see your doctor for immediate treatment.

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